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Alternative management systems for pig production

Is it possible to produce pigs profitably while still meeting their natural needs and minimizing environmental pollution? Yes, it is! Mayagro-FarmingPureLine products offer practical solutions for sow management, piglet rearing and pig finishing. 

Animal welfare solutions: a small selection

The innovative housing concept works with functional areas that meet the pigs’ needs. Every pen contains a “dining room”, a “bedroom”, a “playroom” and of course the “bathroom” with toilet. 

Faeces and urine are immediately separated by the PigT pig toilet. A plastic belt, part of the pen floor, removes the manure from the pen at regular intervals. The urine is collected in a pan. The result: urine and manure are separated immediately after defecation, which means there are nearly no ammonia emissions.

Pig Farming is a profitable management system for piglet rearing and pig finishing on straw in closed housing. The basis of this animal-friendly and environmentally sound method are a special ventilation system, a specifically developed feed type, and a compost activator. The farming concept puts an end to unpleasant odours from pig houses because there is no slurry and the manure can be composted. 

Open barns for pig finishing

Of course the Mayagro farming product range also includes proven concepts to equip open barns, where the closed area inside the barn is connected to an open-air run. In combination with the pens in the barn, the open-air run contributes to a clear distinction between the different functional areas: lying, eating and activity and an area for defecating. The pigs are thus offered additional incentives to move and play.